My research agenda lies at the intersection of economic globalization and the political economy of migration. I am driven by fundamental questions related to human mobility - both internal and international. I am particularly interested in exploring how the dynamics of globalization and human mobility interact to shape domestic politics in the developing world.

Please click here to view my CV and see below for a list of my works under review and in progress.

(* indicates undergraduate collaborator)

Works under review

"Exit or Voice? Emigration as a Response to Corruption."

"International Migration and Interstate Conflict." (with David Leblang and Philip Potter)

"Labor Market Policy as Immigration Control: The Case of Temporary Protected Status." (with David Leblang)

"War on Aisle 5: Casualties, National Identity, and Consumer Behavior." (with Sonal Pandya and Rajkumar Venkatesan)

Works in progress

"International Trade Liberalization and Nativist Politics in India."

"Labor Market Policies, Remittances, and Global Migration." with David Leblang, Alexa Iadarola*, Ankita Satpathy*, Kelsey Hunt, Rebecca Brough*, and Eric Xu*.

"(How) Does Credit Influence Who Migrates?" (with Eric Arias)

"Bartering Bureaucrats: Foreign Direct Investment Shapes Governance." (with Sonal Pandya and Sheetal Sekhri)

"FDI and the Empowerment of Minority Groups: Evidence from India." (with Sonal Pandya and Sheetal Sekhri).

"Highway Through the Danger Zone: Thresholds of Democratic Survival and Breakdown." (with Jonathan Kropko, David Leblang, and Anne Meng)